brandon quintana consulting is located in the san francisco bay area. launched in 2005, brandon quintana consulting was created to provide technical services to a variety of clients. we specialize in web development, infrastructure consulting, business marketing, and apps.

brandon quintana consulting is a tightly knit group of professionals with over 21 years of experience in technical consulting. we take the best approach to building solutions and take great pride in our work. quality product is important to us and because we are passionate about our work, we don't build something just for the sake of doing it.

we leverage our expertise with other talented individuals in the industry to create the best product we possibly can.

brandon quintana consulting is a small team working on a client by client basis. we've worked with companies big and small and we would be happy to help you start your solution today.

about brandon.

Brandon Quintana is an experienced technical consultant with expertise in web development, infrastructure, and strategy.

Brandon has managed development teams both in house and offshore around the world. His work consists web applications, marketing sites, and mobile implementations/responsive design. He has led development for brands including Google, YouTube, AT&T, TiVo, Stanford, New York Philharmonic, Intuit, HP, Glad, JC Penney, Wells Fargo, Sephora, Michael Kors, AirBnb, and American Express.

Brandon holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He enjoys traveling and is an avid sports fan.


our philosophy is pretty simple: build better solutions.

as far as design and layout we believe in the kiss philosophy, "keep it simple stupid." far too many times we see websites that have way too much going on. they tend to want to put everything possible on the home page. it makes it very difficult to find things and people tend to not use the site.

with our programming, we utilize some of the latest frameworks available not only because they provide useful utilities, but because they promote good coding practices and keep code clean and organized.


strategy - with any project, picking a good strategy can help achieve your project goals. we can create site maps, flow diagrams, wireframes and we take the lead in project management.

design - we work with industry leading designers to deliver an extraordinary product. the graphic design and user interface for your website is created with your site's audience in mind.

development - clear well written code can go a long way in creating standards driven websites. we have years of development experience implementing websites for clients just like you.